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Agora, crie o arquivo 'robots.txt' no seu diretório raiz. Copie o texto acima e cole no arquivo de texto.

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About the Robots.txt Generator tool!

Your Robots.txt file is what tells the search engines which pages to access and index on your website on which pages to not. for instance, if you specify in your Robots.txt file that you simply don’t want the search engines to be ready to access your many thanks page, that page won’t be ready to show up within the search results and web users won’t be ready to find it. Keeping the search engines from accessing certain pages on your site is important for both the privacy of your site and for your SEO.

Our Robots.txt Generator tool helps you to the generator quality result for your website SEO. Our Robots.txt Generator website is 100% free for all. Just generate Robots.txt and increase your SEO . just generator robots.txt for Wordpress or blogger what ever you wants.


Robotstxt Generator is a website that allows you to create text-based profiles for your robots. You can create a profile for each of your robots, and then use the profiles to help you communicate with your robots.

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