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About DA - Domain Authority Checker

more information about the Domain Authority Checker tool!

DA (Domain Authority) is a web search tool positioning score created by Moz that predicts how conceivable a site is to rank in web index result pages (SERPs). Area of Authority scores ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores comparing to a more prominent probability of positioning. 

Domain Authority depends on information from our Link Explorer web file and uses many components in its estimations. The real Domain Authority computation itself utilizes an AI model to presciently track down a "best fit" calculation that most intently relates our connection information with rankings across a large number of real query items that we use as principles to scale against.

Our DA checker tools are free for all users. 

How to use DA Checker ?

Step - 1

just go to "infoseomaster.com" website any time you like

infoseomaster website

Step - 2

Go to Domain Authority Checker tools

Step - 3

Type up to 20 URL in text option

Step - 4

just Click on submit for the result

Step -5

Fineally your domain authority (DA) display in the screen

Step - 5

Click Try new Link for new DA - Domain Authority check