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About the Online Ping Website Tool 

Are you frustrated that the search engines don’t seem to be finding all the pages on your new website? Or perhaps you’ve been adding some great new content hebdomadally, but whenever you are doing it, it seems to require FOREVER to urge indexed?

As an affiliate marketer, there are many times once you desire to give the search engines a damn good hustle along. Luckily, there's a simpler thanks to roll in the hay than glaring at your display screen and emitting a couple of choice words!

Pinging your website is that the online equivalent of waving a flag and yelling, “Hey! up here – check this out!” to look at engines and directories whenever you add or make major updates to the content on your site. employing a Ping tool can speed up indexing because it essentially sends search portals and other services a message from your website telling them that there's new content and to return crawl it.

Although ping tools were originally designed for bloggers publishing daily, they will be used successfully on any website with fresh content, including your Squidoo lenses.

To make pinging nice and straightforward for our affiliate marketing comrades, we’ve just released an internet site, Ping Tool.

Now ping your website and increase SEO for free of cost.